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My Date with an Angel (Part2)

Where my soul fell in love

Are you still following me..then I am sure you find this mysteries story of my life connected to your life in a way.

Life was running normal, I started meditating again. I am very close to my Tarot cards and I truly believe in moon energy. That particular full moon night of the date with the Angel, I meditated and slept as usual. My thoughts were more about myself.

Like everybody reading this article even I believed in Karma and it scares me to the core that my past deeds can influence my present life. I believe that everything what goes around comes back to you. None of your deeds go empty. Life is a boomerang, everybody coming or going in your life is there for a reason and one thing special my father taught me was “everything happening is for your greater good, just wait and you will understand”.

Oh my!!

With my head filled with thoughts I was trying to calm it down with meditation and before I knew it I was lost in the world of dreams…and that is where I met my Angel.

I was pulled in fact drawn towards a bright light. I knew that it was a dream even then it felt so real. I was feeling warmth and trust me it was a cold night. There was somebody, I heard a voice, thank god of my awareness that it is a dream it did not scare me. I think in a way I was mentally prepared for this, I was prepared for this lesson. Then all of a sudden I saw somebody there, I tried to see it more clearly and that was the moment of shock, the moment I felt as if my bones were chilling, I felt the hairs on my arms rise because in my dream I was face to face with myself. I could see myself standing there smiling at another me.

You must be thinking I have watched so many Bollywood Hollywood movies and so I was dreaming this, actually I was thinking the same after walking up, but let’s continue to my date.

After being face to face with myself my real date begun.

I was hearing voices but there was nobody talking. There was so much confusion. I couldn’t see myself anymore, there was so much was happening and nothing was clear. I was floating and could see nothing but light around. There were questions in my head and I heard the answers..clear and loud..

-What is the meaning of karma? Is it something that will haunt me for my past deeds?

The answer came back..

No and Yes. Karma is your present. Your past and future depends on your present. What you do today becomes your future and when you look back from today it’s your past you are looking at. Keep your present filled with goodness, everything will be taken care by the universe from there. Your past life will definitely come into the picture and take the course from here, just go with the flow. Time will and can teach you only experiences and lessons and with it if you pay attention will gain insight which in turn will make you a good human being.

-But what about fate, it wills otherwise for us?

The voice was there again…Fate is a strong concept. Thinking about it will make you jittery. You cannot control fate, its better you don’t get into the thinking or understanding mode for the same. Live today, the moment is everything. It is especially for you, because you are so engrossed in your future of spirituality and afraid of your past that you are forgetting the moment passing by. You are troubled that what if your spiritual quest will not be fulfilled because of your past, then rest assured you are destined for a greater cause. Everybody here is for a purpose and all they need to do is to follow their hearts without fighting with their fate.

-What about negative thoughts?

The voice said..Trust me, you really have to consciously practice the art of “letting go and living now”. Pinch yourself every time your mind is running with negative thoughts. Don’t sail in the boat which is taking you towards doom. Just let it go away and bid it goodbye.

-Some thoughts may be positive, but can certainly be wrong?

The voice came again..Yes they can be. But being human it’s ok to make mistakes especially when they are followed by your positive intentions. Intentions mean a lot, you cannot call it a mistake when you are aware that it is going to hurt something or somebody. Weigh it well, think it through, your conscious will lead you the right answers.

-Why do people suffer when they are not wrong? Why did I suffer when I was not wrong?

The voice was clear and it answered with a conviction..you have got to lead, fight an decide things on your own. There are few actions in our life which we take and forget to foresee the end results. But with a little guidance from people, experience (good or bad) we tend to realize and move ahead. It’s the bitter truth of life that there will be times when you will be your guide all alone and there will be nobody around to help, it’s called responsibility, and at times you suffer because you are suppose to take the weight of your responsibilities which you did not think clearly. With time and age it will come to you.

And then there was nothing, no me no voice. It all ended.

When I woke up I decided to pen it down immediately. It was, as if I have got answers to a lot of questions I was looking for. I made peace with my past so far.

I understood the term “your past will never leave you”, because it’s not the people, the place and the things from your past…it’s the memory, it’s your mind you cannot shut off.

I was sure that this is just a beginning of my date with the Angels. There will be more meeting more knowledge, more questions to be answered. I believe I have fallen in love with my Angels and my affair with spirituality has just in progress.

Its complicated..Till we meet next. XOXO Nupur