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My Date with an Angel (Part 1)

Where it all begun

I am not sure where to begin and where to end.

It all started when I was 18, my search for soul my exploration for spirituality.

Is there life after death, is there karma, will my past life haunt me, is there a GOD, why are bad things happening to me? A teenager filled with difficult questions in the head, deprived of the fact that this is not an easy path to travel.

I started learning Tarot an art of divination and fortune telling and it led me to healing of emotions, it enlightened me with the terms of Angels. People who are unaware of Angels and their miracles as of now just take this as the beginning of your introduction to them. Angels are god sent souls to help and heal human kind, they carry messages from the God they are the interpreters.  There began a purpose to my life, my life was a center for people. Reading their future and healing there pains became a habit and it relieved my soul, as if I was carrying a lot from my past life.

After 9 years of loving my Tarot and Angels, it was a bright sunny morning right after my bath I have a habit of chanting mantras as taught by my parents. Suddenly I felt different, as if time has stopped. There were stars showering on me, I was covered with white light and warmth. It was strange yet it felt so good as if it was a blessing. There were tears of joy in my eyes but I was a normal human being a bit scared with what was happening i closed my eyes in fear. The second I opened my eyes I regretted my decision it was gone, I felt as if I have lost something the life the experience was back to real, back to normal. Was that an Angel telling me of its presence, I am still not sure. But what I am sure about is that it changed me, my thirst for spirituality, connection, karma and miracles took a turn to escalation.

Life was running normal, I started meditating again. I am very close to my Tarot cards and I truly believe in moon energy. That particular full moon night of the date with the Angel, I meditated and slept as usual. My thoughts were more about myself..

What I have done as a teenager.. all my ugly affairs and lies were in front of my eyes and so were the happy times with my loved ones. My princess like birthdays, the admiration in my parents eyes whenever I outperformed, my fight and making up with my elder sister. I was blessed with a beautiful family.

Am I walking on the right path ..i have done everything right after I turned matured. Fulfilled my parents dream, worked for a while, was a successful employee, helped and healed people with Tarot, married to the most amazing and loving husband and in a truthful faithful relationship, I treat people around me with respect and love.

Like everybody reading this article even I believed in Karma and it scares me to the core that my past deeds can influence my present life. I believe that everything what goes around comes back to you. None of your deeds go empty. Life is a boomerang, everybody coming or going in your life is there for a reason and one thing special my father taught me was “everything happening is for your greater good, just wait and you will understand”.

Oh my!! With my head filled with thoughts I was trying to calm it down with meditation and before I knew it I was lost in the world of dreams…and that is where I met my Angel..

To be continued…