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Meet the Astrology partner for TarotRani

Pandit Girdhar Sharma a traditional Pandit who belongs to my home town Harda. This page is exclusively added for the benefits of my clients.

Why Astrology when i have Tarot?

Its not about the belief system i hold as a reader, this is for the clients who require services and they land up with wrong or fake astrologers.

Astrology is an Ancient Indian Science and holds a great deal of faith specially in the traditional purposes and events in life.

TarotRani is an expert in modern sciences and practices. By inviting Panditji on this page we make sure there is an expert on the panel.

I met Panditji recently but our families are connected from almost 40-50 years now. His father was a great mentor to our family, especially my father where they both were astrology buddies and his knowledge on Astrology was at par. The senior Panditji trained the junior Panditji and here we are working together. The brain storming sessions with him are absolutely lessons for me. He has been respected and recognised for his expertise many times in the social circle.


Thank You Panditji for joining hands.

Now how does it work?

Its same as our Tarot Sessions just we will be connecting on a conference call so that we have two clear guides without adding confusion.

Welcoming Clients ?