• Experience

    More than 11 years of experience in Tarot and Healing.

  • Our VISION

    Using Tarot Deck and accompanying interpretations reflecting the Law of Attraction, so that divination using the cards provide insight in how to bring what is desired into the your life.

  • Our Mission

    Tarot Rani is a dream mission for me. My spiritual quest in life is to serve and help those who seek to rediscover their true self, those who may have stumbled on their journey or lost their way in life.

Our Testimonials


I’m dedicated to helping you deepen your intuition and your connection with the divine in everyday life, using Tarot cards. It’s my belief that anyone can learn to read Tarot, and my work (and this site) shows you how to do it from your heart, not a book.

Which means you don’t need to memorize anything (can I get a hallelujah?!). You just need to relax and tune in to your intuition. I’ll show you how to do that, too.